Whatsapp Web Status

Whatsapp web status is the best place for social media. Which is now not new to anyone, is found in everyone’s smartphone and everyone also uses it. This app has proved very useful.

On this social platform, people can share messages, images, odds, and videos with each other in a very easy way. Initially, you could only send messages, images, odds, and videos from WhatsApp.

But it was gradually changed and Whatsapp web status was made more advanced, it also added the option of calling, now people could call WhatsApp to WhatsApp, and talk to each other to further advance it. Genghis was done and now the option of video calling was added, which people can see and talk to each other, now anyone can see them with the help of WhatsApp and we can see it.

There is another app to say that, with the help of which we cannot play them by calling audio and video, it is not easy for everyone but WhatsApp app is so easy that even an illiterate can use it. This app has such a craze that it will be found on everyone’s smartphone and they also use it, this app stops from morning message to good message.

In this app, many changes have been made with the time, it is being used not only for work but also for entertainment, people get a better time and do not get bored. An option has been re-added to WhatsApp which entertains people, in this option we can do 30-second messages or video grades such as status to make someone’s birthday, anniversary, any important moment memorable. In.

You can shield and give them a surprise by giving wishes and keep your feelings in front of them through one of your statuses which also becomes a possibility for their day. And now an auction advertisement has been done on WhatsApp. Now with the help of Whatsapp, we can also transfer a man. We can not only use WhatsApp on smartphones but it can also be changed on a PC or laptop through the website.

It is also very easy when we want to run WhatsApp on a laptop or our computer, then first of all we WhatsApp on the web. Com has to open and when the web is open then a QR code has to be scanned, then we have to open WhatsApp on our phone and when it is open there are 3 points from the top side on the right side.

There is an option of WHATSAPP WEB after clicking that a banner is opened after clicking on it and that banner has to be placed under the QR code and the banner which reads it and opens on WhatsApp laptop or computer Is it that you can do Whatsapp very easily and also do your work while working and you don’t have to look at the phone again and again.

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