birthday wishes for son

Birthday wishes for son

Hello friends, today I am writing about birthday wishes for son in this post. Which you will like very much and you will not have to search much.

Birthday is such a day that everyone comes once in a year and if we do not do Happy Birthday Wish on that birthday then what can be a worse thing than this. Nowadays, which everyone celebrates whether it is a birthday friend or a family member, and to double the happiness of his birthday, we congratulate him and give him new gifts that make his day special. And when it comes to mother and father and their dear son’s birthday, it is not with them. So he also wants to give birthday wishes to his son, then at such a place, we have brought some happy wishes for you, which you will also like. Which we have given below.

Birthday wishes for son quotes

1 Today for you my little prince
Bring happiness
Happy birthday my dear son

2 We are very lucky to have found a son like you
Smiling always in life
Happy birthday my dear son

3 Success kisses your footsteps every moment.
May every wish of your life be fulfilled
That’s my wish on your birthday
Happy birthday my dear son

4 May the above fill your life with happiness
May you age me
Happy birthday my son

5 We are with you at every turn of life.
Never let any trouble come to you.
You get success at every step.
This is our blessing.
Happy birthday my son

6 May all your dreams be fulfilled in the journey of life.
You live thousands of years.
You have double success in your life .
Our prayers are with you every moment.
Happy birthday my son

7 I prayed to you in prayers.
Today for you my little prince.
One smile of yours makes all the sorrow disappear.
Gift of happiness .
Happy birthday my dear son

8 My children, all the happiness of the world will meet you
May Allah bless you.
May our age also take you.
You get a lot of success.
Happy birthday my dear son

9 May allah please you.
Not even one sorrow should come in your life.
May Allah fill your life with happiness.
You enjoy this day very much.
Happy birthday my dear son

10 May Allah bless my child so much,
Save him from all the troubles,
May your day be filled with happiness,
May all the desires of your heart be fulfilled,
Happy birthday my dear son